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Welcome to Chateau Horn

Nestled in the wild and romantic landscape of the Waldviertel, surrounded by a beautiful park, located in the center of the city of Horn is the residence of family Count Hoyos.
In the newly renovated caste wing there are 4 luxurious suites with top facilities available. Each suite has box spring beds and a private bathroom with a bathtub and a shower. The wing also includes a kitchen and a living area.
For exclusive weddings, baptisms etc. it is also possible to rent the romantic castle chapel. Moreover Chateau Horn is the perfect Location for Filmproductions.
Your Family Count Hoyos




3580 Horn

The history of Chateau Horn

A journey through time and tradition.

In the middle of the 12th century, descendants of the Bavarian Count Gerold mentioned around 1050, who is considered to be the donor of Horn’s St. Stefan’s Church, built a new very well fortified settlement at the confluence of the Taffa and Mödringbach. Taking into account the south-eastern corner tower of the defence wall, i.e. in the south-eastern corner of the fortification, a two-tower castle was built here in the 12th century: Next to the south-eastern tower (later called “Thief’s tower”), another tower fortified Horn Castle at the north-west (the so-called “Mice tower”, which collapsed in the 19th century). This fortress has been handed over by the Bavarian aristocrats of Poigen-Rebgau - in whose sphere of influence Horn was located - to reliable supporters, the knights of Rietenburg. After the death of the Counts of Poigen and of their last descendants (the Counts of Wildberg) at the beginning of the 13th century, the fortified town of Horn was taken over by the Babenberger Duke Leopold VI around 1210. He immediately gave it away to the Bavarian Nordgau Duke of Vohburg.


By the middle of the 13th century, the castle and town of Horn were taken over by the Lords of Maissau as a royal feud. They are probably responsible for the construction of a chapel that was first documented in 1347 and then again in 1356, which was located in the west wing of the castle and dedicated to St. Pancratius. The Lords of Maissau died out in 1440.

The rest of the interesting story of Chateau Horn until today can be found here...

Schloss Horn 1845

Castle Horn - A real gem ...

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