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Family Count Hoyos

Traditional family history.

The Hoyos family comes from the Burgos area in Old Castile, the heart of Spain. The heart shield of the family coat of arms, which shows two golden dragon heads, also indicates this geographical origin. Written evidence of the family origins are the two aristocratic samples from 1527 and 1532, which most likely served for acceptance into a Spanish knightly order.
At the beginning of the 16th century, the two sons of Juan de Hoyos (1481 - 1538), Anton von Hoyos (1504 - 1551) and Hans von Hoyos (1506 - 1560), followed the later Emperor Ferdinand I from Spain via Trieste and Carinthia to Lower Austria. While Anton embarked on a spiritual career and was appointed Bishop of Gurk, Hans made a remarkable career at the emperor's court. In the desire to make himself and his family completely at home in Austria, he acquired many goods. He chose Stixenstein Castle as his main residence.
Hans von Hoyos was married to Judith von Ungnad, who gave him seven children. The two eldest sons founded the older and younger lines of the Hoyos family:
Hans eldest son, Ludwig Gomez Freiherr von Hoyos (1551 - 1600), is the founder of the older line of the family, which died out in 1718. His brother Ferdinand Albrecht Freiherr von Hoyos (1553 - 1609) founded the younger line of the family, from which the main line that still exists today is derived at the end of the 18th century.
The main line of the Hoyos family was founded by Johann Ernst the Elder Count Hoyos (1718 - 1781). He owned the Gutentein-Hohenberg, Horn, Rosenburg and Raan estates. In 1771 he increased this property by purchasing additional goods.
His two brothers, Johann Leopold Graf Hoyos (1728 - 1796) and Johann Anton Graf Hoyos (1731 - 1791), founded the "Persenbeuger Nebenline" and the "Breitenrichrich Nebenlinie".
As the course of history shows, the members of the main line of the Hoyos family also distinguished themselves through careers in the service of the imperial family. They support them, for example, in positions as Secret Councilors, Obersthof- and Landesjägermeister or as members of the Order of the Golden Fleece in questions of politics and the preservation of the Catholic faith. Furthermore, the family took great care of their acquired goods through agricultural training and restorations of cultural goods.
This also applies to Dipl. Ing. Graf Markus Hoyos, who, after studying agriculture and forestry at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, heads the Drosendorf, Horn and Rosenburg agricultural and forestry estates. Together with his wife Petra and their four children, Heinrich, Ferdinand, Anna-Caroline and Marie-Louise, the family is always very keen to preserve the palace and castle algae in Drosendorf, Rosenburg and Horn.


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