Family Count Hoyos

Traditional family history.

Family Count Hoyos has its roots in the Burgos region, in Old Castille, the heartland of Spain. The inescutcheon of the family coat of arms with two golden dragon heads points to this geographic region.

The first written records of the origins of the Hoyos family are the two drawn-up family trees of 1527 and 1532, which were probably used for admission to a Spanish order of knights.


The sons of Juan de Hoyos (1481 - 1538), Anton and Hans, joined the service of Archduke Ferdinand, who subsequently became emperor, travelling from Spain through Trieste and Carinthia to Lower Austria in approx. 1525. The following members of the family also supported young Ferdinand and all the following rulers of the Austrian House in central questions of politics and the protection of the catholic faith.

A special family

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